Technology Center

In July 2004, Spinel established Jiangsu Province Magnetic Material and Appliance Engineering and Technical Research Center and invited senior experts and scholars as our visiting researchers to conduct advanced technological research on magnetic materials.

Quality is the key of any product. Spinel always maintains very strict quality requirements and standards since our very beginnings. In order to enhance quality, we conduct complete testing in every production process and carry out detailed inspection in accordance with quality control policies.

Technical Department

SPINEL’s technology center is referred to as the Jiangsu engineering research center for magnetic materials and devices technology.

SPINEL’s research center has established cooperation with many famous universities, such as Department of Physics of Nanjing University, School of Micro-Electronics and Solid-State of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China as well as Department of Physics of Lanzhou University.

Shi Changxu, material expert from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, wrote an inscription for us.

Engineering technicians are working in this office.

The aim of this technical meeting is to discuss the product customization, new material development and technical issues.

Head of the R&D department is conducting the meeting.

Quality Inspection

The Bruker X-ray fluorescence analyzer is used to test raw materials. Main testing items include the purity or content of the raw material.

Testing the samples

Laser particle size analyzer

The electron metallographic microscope can carry out a sintering test. We commonly use this instrument to analyze the microstructure of our products.

The RM type product is being tested.

The Sy8218 B-H analyzer is purchased from Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd. It can analyze the electrical properties of various products and materials.

This device is conducting a power consumption test. Displayed on the screen is a hysteresis loop.

Power amplifier

Finished products test lab